Returning D-Group Leaders


Hello! Here's to another semester at Shepherd Youth! Please carefully and truthfully fill out the form below. One of the questions will ask you to read the "Glass House Agreement" (a lifestyle commitment for our leaders). You can find that by clicking here.

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Primary Cell Phone
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Are you regularly (at least once a month) meeting with other believers outside of weekend services? (Life Groups, Mentorship, etc.) *
Are you actively pursuing God through spiritual disciplines (reading your Bible, prayer, etc.)? *
Are you willing to adhere to the lifestyle standards we ask of our leaders (See "Glass House Agreement" at the top of the survey)? *
Are you able to commit to being at Shepherd in Porter Ranch each Wednesday night from 6:14-8:45pm? *
(August-November 2018 and February-May 2019)
Are you willing to actively participate in all aspects of D-Groups? *
Leader Meeting, Hang Time, Worship/ Message (with your students), and Small Group Time
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Please note any major sin struggle or rebellion you've dealt within the last year. (sexual sin, drug or alcohol abuse, etc.)
I acknowledge that I have truthfully answered all of the above questions and understand that Shepherd Youth will discern my leadership and participation within D-Groups. *