This year's process will be similar to last year: You will be paying for Leader Choice Night and we will reimburse you the weekend after (do not forget your receipts)! 

How much money do I have to spend? You have $15 for each student on your roster (that amount covers your cost as well. So if your roster reflects 6 students your allotted amount to spend for LCN is $90). During the 6:14 meeting, we will have your group's total amount posted on the wall for you to see. 

o If you cannot afford to pay for Leader Choice, please let Lya ( know by Wednesday, May 1 and she'll make sure to have funds ahead of time for you.

What should I do for Leader Choice Night? Ask other leaders, talk with your group for ideas, and look online! Try to stay local (within the San Fernando Valley) so that parents do not have to drive all over town. Groups cannot meet on campus. 

Should I tell my groups parents what we are doing for Leader Choice Night? YES! Communicate to parents via phone call AND email/text. Tell them what you are doing, where you are doing it, and when it will be happening. Then make sure they are OK with it! 

How will I be reimbursed after Leader Choice Night? You must return your receipts to receive your reimbursement on the weekend of May 18th (4-7:30pm) and 19th (7am-1pm).

o I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that we get receipts (it is for the IRS!)

o If you happen to be with other groups, please pay separately. 

How should the kids in my group get to Leader Choice Night? Their parents should drive them. Avoid driving students! But if there are no other options, and I really mean, there are no other options... please do the following:

  1. Fill out the attached "Transportation Agreement" form by May 8th.

  2. Have the Student/Parent fill out the "Minor Activity Consent" and "Minor Transportation Consent"

  3. ALL documents must be submitted to Lya ( by May 8th.

We really believe Leader Choice Night is a great opportunity to make memories with your students! Amidst the fun times, good food, and craziness of Leader Choice Night, take a moment to reflect with your group on the semester and all that God has done and what you're looking forward to next semester.