D-Groups Weekly


WEEK 4 September 11th

Video Highlights:

  1. New students might added to groups. Please check your D-Groups Toolbox (www.shepherdchurch.com/dgroupstool) to check your roster. If you see any new students on your roster, please reach out to them and ask them to meet you at your chair tomorrow.

  2. If there is an absent student please contact them and confirm they are still planning to attend (let us know if the answer is no). You can also gently remind them of the attendance policy.

  3. If you are going to be absent, make sure to fill out the form at shepherdyouth.com/resources

  4. If you haven’t received a new and revised booklet, please get one from the info counter tomorrow.

WEEK 3 September 4th

Video Highlights:

1. Do NOT have students sit in your group if they are not on your roster

2. Don’t forget to let us know if you’ll be absent at shepherd youth.com/resources

3. New Updated Booklets will be available at the 6:14 meeting. We are on Lesson 2 ”Saved By Grace Through Faith”

4. We will be going over taking attendance at the 6:14 meeting, so make sure you’re there if you have questions

5. Dinner is tomorrow at 5:30pm in Room 143

6. Connection Weekend is this weekend. Join us Saturday at 6pm or Sunday at 11am

WEEK 2 August 28th

NOT in the video but you should know:

*You can check with the registration tables in the lobby if you are unsure of your table’s location (Middle School vs High School)

**Please be patient with us tomorrow when there are mistakes. Inform a staff member and know that it might not get adjusted until next week. PLEASE do not make any promises to parents/guardians when requests come to you REDIRECT them to a staff member.

WEEK 1 August 21st